As a teenager I found that working with wood was incredibly frustrating. Wood being a natural material, has variant qualities with knots and other inconsistencies relating to changes in the grain across the materials. Metal and plastics, on the other hand, although each type has different properties when being worked have consistent qualities, each piece will behave pretty much the same as the next, work on one end of the piece and it will be the same as the other. Wood on the other hand insists on being planed in one direction and will cause gouging and ripping if pushed in the wrong direction.

More recently, I’ve come to appreciate the qualities of wood. Firstly using the correct, and high enough quality tools, along with the patience to learn how to use them properly and wood can be a really rewarding material to work with.

Wood has a beauty and quality that’s not present in other materials. See the grain patterns revealed in the slabbing of a white oak log.

Or see the craftsmanship that reveals the qualities of the wood in some of the guitars featured in this Crimson Guitars,’What’s on the Bench’ video.

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