Time to think

On Christmas break, with time off work, once the hectic preparations and celebrations are through, it leaves more time to think than during the usual hectic daily travails. For instance if you listen to a story, read an article or watch a drama, much of the joy or learning comes through pondering over what’s been experienced.

With the constant ‘on’ of modern life it can be easy to fall into the trap of constant stimulation and give little time to contemplation. Although this drinking (frantic gulping) from the constant torrent of life, might appear to be a constant stream of gratification, it may offer little satisfaction.

There’s a continuum between no time for thought and contemplation, and too much time to think. Overthinking things is not healthy. Some where in midway along the continuum lies sanity and happiness.

Well that’s about enough of that, probably the result of having to much time to think.

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