The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

The Curious Incident of the romantic novel as comedy

Don 39 is somewhere on the autistic spectrum is a moderately successful geneticist, and has decided to find himself a wife using the scientific method; what he has not counted upon is Rosie who has her own emotional challenges. She completely derails the ‘wife project’ and his life. Hilarity ensues.


I decided to pick up something different to read for a change (I mostly read science fiction) and stumbled upon this book in a Stamford book shop.

The story moves apace, I couldn’t put the book down and read through its 330 pages in one sitting. On reflection its perhaps just as well as that didn’t give me time to notice the holes in the plot. For instance despite being capable of giving a lecture on Aspergers Syndrome he appears never to have been formally identified as being on the autistic spectrum, even with past professional help and consultations with his close personal friend Claire who is a clinical psychologist. However despite this reservation I recommend suspending your disbelief and reading this book, its not going to change your life but it is a highly enjoyable way to spend an evening. 7/10

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