So much to do so little to say, but fairy lights

Today has been one of those days where there has been so much to do, so much happening in the news and I’ve been so busy there’s been no space to think of a post for the blog. I’ve been driving for three and a half hours to get to the client’s site and back. I’ve not listened to any podcasts since the news has been to engaging, so nothing to report there as I’ve nothing positive or original to say about Brexit other than I hate portmanteau words and this one is up there with Brangelina; I guess thats not really positive.

fairy lights

The highlight of my day has been the Amazon delivery of LED string fairy lights. 10 meters long battery powered multicoloured fairy lights with a remote control. So at the weekend I can put fairy lights on the outside Christmas tree without having to trail mains cables out the bedroom windows.

I’m up early tomorrow to hit the road again so its an early night and no time to research a proper blog post. This will have to do

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