Paying Old Debts

Today’s podcast highlight was StarShip Sofa episode 569. This weeks show featured Gerri Leen’s story “Paying Old Debts”. There’s a first person noir protagonist who happens to be an advanced form of android (who can use contractions). A lot is packed into this story, there is a question of justice, morals and how to work within the rules but still achieve the end goal. There are no ‘three laws of robotics’ at play here; it does bring to mind the Asimov robot short stories, but this android has a very different set of constraints. An excellent story well worth a listen.

As a bonus this also has Jim Campanella’s Science News bulletin including this month’s ‘Idiot Scientist of the Month’ feature, where we get to learn about CRISPR and why it may not be a good idea to use it on the human genome.

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