Guitar fix update

A quick update on my earlier post ‘Creative Clamping’

The bridge reattachment worked out OK. I dealt with the raised fret by making up a levelling bar with a piece of oak superglue and some fine wet and dry paper. Then levelled the frets, re-crowned them with a needle file and polished them. Before restringing I cleaned the fingerboard with a scraper (a new Stanley knife blade), then oiled it.

Once it was restrung and tuned, it needed the truss rod adjusting slightly to get a less wild relief curve in the neck.

My daughter has tested it and it’s a playable instrument again. Not a great guitar, but it never was in the first place. However much better than throwing it away, and if I’m ever inclined to take up the guitar, I’ve something to play. If I come across the right tools to refile the nut slots I might do some more work on the nut and the saddle to lower the action.

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