Drive the Information age, don’t let it drive you.

It’s easy to be driven by the defaults into becoming a tool of the Internet rather than using it as a tool. Every on line service is trying to grab your attention and lead you down their path, prompting you continually via your digital device; to notify you, to auto play at you, what they think you should read, listen-to or watch.

Increasingly web sites are popping up dialogues asking for permission for push notifications. Almost every phone app by default has notifications, many default to notifying via LED indicators pings, ‘peeking’ and show on the lock screen. YouTube defaults to autoplay the next item, which is often an automatic selection of what the algorithm wishes you to watch.

Don’t be driven by the defaults, go to the settings on your phone, turn off the notifications for each of the apps. Go to YouTube turn off the autoplay. Refuse all offers of push notifications from websites. Take back your control over the Internet.

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