Courtesy Light Upgrade

LED interior lightWe have a T5 van in the process of being transformed into a camper. Today I upgraded the courtesy light to LED. I’ve been frustrated with the dull yellow glow in the cab since I fitted lighting in the back of the van. I had a bit of 12V LED strip left from something else and the courtesy light housing was grubby so needed to come out to be cleaned properly anyway. I could probably have done this in situ, but it was a lot easier on the bench (dining room table).

Interior light with LEDs

First a clean up, then the dull grey housing was lined with aluminium tape to make it nice and reflective. This makes the light brighter and more evenly dispersed. Then it was just a case of fitting about 10 inches of the LED strip into the space and connecting it to the festoon bulb holder.

An easy upgrade but well worth the hour or so to do. Also cost £0 as it was all leftover stuff from another job.

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