Twenty Thousand Hertz imageThe Twenty Thousand Hertz podcast is billed as “The stories behind the world’s most recognisable sounds“. It publishes a new episode every two weeks, featuring¬†sounds that are part of the audio scenery of our lives. Now 53 episodes in, this latest episode features the genesis and evolution of the Microsoft Xbox startup sound. Recent episodes cover topics such as The Theramin, Classic Cartoon Sound Effects, Sonic Branding, and Misophonia.

The 20 to 30 minute episodes are well researched, well presented and leave the listener informed, satisfied and a little more aware of the soundscape of your life. For instance the episodes on the Amen Break of the Wilhelm Scream reveal two sounds that have been woven into our experience of music and film. The Wilhelm Scream episode had me nodding along a saying ‘oh yea’ to all those instances of the scream in things that I recognise. Listen to this episode and you will become a Wilhelm scream spotter too.

You can find the podcast feed at their website

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