Trimming the silence from Smashing Security

77 hours trimmed

Pocket Casts saved me 3 days of my life. The podcast app has trimmed out 77 hours and 46 minutes of silence from the podcasts I’ve listened to. I don’t have this set for audio drama’s or music shows, just the talk podcasts.

OK it hasn’t really saved three days because mostly I listen to podcasts whilst doing other things, but it does mean that I have managed to fit in an additional 3 days of entertainment and education.

Smashing Security Podcast

This morning Pocket Casts has been cutting the silence out of the Smashing Security podcast. Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault take a more light hearted look at IT security than other security podcasts. This week’s episode for instance features the guy who was trying to find Nicole, a girl who gave him her phone number but got the number wrong, the ensuing story and the IT security questions the story raises.There were also stories about Tesla’s owner forum and Facebook.

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