Today I’ve been mostly listening to . . .

Optimal Finance Daily “The Most Common Multiple Income Streams by Robert Farrington of the College Investor” – what did I learn? That I should have had this advice in my early twenties.


Market Foolery “The Golden Equation” – What did I learn? A bunch of US company results, pet food suppliers have been resilient in previous depressions, strangely I don’t recall the ‘Golden Equation’ though.

Smashing Security “Google Maps, Fed phishing, and Grinch bots” – What did I learn? – have archive a bunch of old games running in jsmame at MAME was the Multi Arcade Machine Emulator, ‘js’ is java script, so it looks like much fun can be had in the browser.

SFBRP podcast

SFBRP (Science Fiction Book Review Podcast) “#385 – Mary Robinette Kowal – The Calculating Stars – Lady Astronaut #1 ” – What did I learn? Luke Burrage is not the reader that Mary Robinette Kowal wrote this book for. Also apparently there are too many rocket metaphors in the sex scenes. Juliane does her best to moderate the discussion, but Luke will not be placated, and remains stubbornly disappointed. I suspect that most people would not be so disappointed, Mary Robinette Kowal is an accomplished author with many previous well acclaimed novels.

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