Toasted Cake – Flash Fiction Podcast

toasted cake logoI’ve been listening to Toasted Cake for a some years now.¬†Toasted Cake is an idiosyncratic flash fiction podcast. Flash fiction stories are generally from around 500 to 1200 words long. One short story read every week by Tina Connolly. She started the podcast as a 1 year project back in 2012, but (fortunately) it has become a more long term thing. Tina is a novelist and a co-host on the Escape Pod podcast.

The stories are usually fantasy and science fiction of some sort, often quirky, often fun and always high quality.¬†There’s a wide range of authors features, including some prominent names; for instance last week’s story was ‘Ticket’ by Ken Liu.

The stories are usually followed by a short commentary or other musings from Tina.

If short fiction is your thing this podcast is for you. In addition to the podcast feed there’s a back catalogue of every story available as an MP3 from the Toasted Cake website.

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