The Bugcast

The Bugcast is a weekly music podcast presented by Dave and Caroline from South Yorkshire. Each episode features 8 tracks that are usually available with a Creative Commons license. This means you will hear music that is not generally heard on Radio or the regular streaming services, but the artist is giving you for free.

TheBugCast Episode 540Every week on Friday Evening at around 9:30pm the live recording of The Bugcast podcast takes place. It’s possible to listen in live to the show via their livestream and interact with the hosts and other listeners on their IRC channel. If you haven’t an IRC client you can still join in via the web using where there is web based client. I’ve often listened live, but recently I’ve caught up using the podcast feed.

You may well be surprised by the quality of music presented on the show. Over the 10 years of presenting the show Dave and Caroline have always managed to select from the best of free music. Very rarely is a track repeated although some favourite artist do recur from time to time. I’ve been introduced to some amazing artists through the podcast and many of the albums in my music collection have been downloaded after hearing a track on The Bugcast.

Dave is currently doing NaPodPoMo (National Podcast Posting Month) for November, which means you can hear a short podcast from him every day during the remainder of the month.

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