More on how I listen to podcasts

Aside from the technicalities which I wrote about in my previous post, there has also been a change in my approach to listening to podcasts.

Originally when podcasts were a novelty and I followed a small handful of feeds, predominantly science fiction story podcasts, each episode was treated as a treasure. I listened to every one, in the order that they were published, then saved episodes after listening and archived them on external storage. Once I added a few Linux related podcasts to the feeds I only archived the SF stories. However each new episode in the feed was still listened to in the order they arrived.

After a while I found the Podiobooks web site (no longer a thing) which created custom podcast feeds releasing episodes of books as audio. These were also archived after listening.

About a year into listening to podcasts it became apparent that archiving-off the episodes was a bit over the top and unnecessary. The ubiquity of podcast content was finally sinking in.

Once I started using the phone app as my pod-catcher episodes no longer hit my computer, so archiving was no longer even a possibility. In fact initially phone storage was an issue, so keeping any significant backlog of episodes on the device was not possible. I still however listened to every episode.

As time went on I added a significant number of podcast feeds to the pod-catcher and there was a build up of un-listened episodes that I needed to catch up on. A number of the earlier podcasts pod-faded (where no new episodes are released) or the podcasters explicitly ended their podcasts. A few years in and there were more than 40 podcasts I followed, old ones would fade or drop as new ones caught my attention. Eventually there were over 70 podcast feeds subscribed to in the app.

Although from time to time I’ve pruned the list, there still remains 69 feeds in the podcast app. Twenty or so are very infrequent, and one or two remain there in the hope that they will ‘un-fade’. It is no longer realistic to even consider listening to every published episode of every podcast feed that I follow. I now treat the episodes as more ephemeral, and if I haven’t listened to older episodes, I just delete them and mark them as done.

There are a handful of the podcasts that I still listen to every episode of. But in contrast there are also some feeds where I have set it not to download the episodes; for those I will only download an episode if I choose to listen to it.

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