Beatrix Released (Escape Pod)

Occasionally there is a short story that stands out to me head and shoulders above the crowd. Beatrix Released, by Shaenon K. Garrity, published on Escape Pod this week was one such story. This is a science fiction story, an origin story and a new unique perspective on Miss Potter, a dark secret, her challenges with strict parents and patriarchal authority. It is an ingenious take on maybe how we came to have all those delightfully anthropomorphic tales of small creatures. 

Escape Pod has consistently high production values and in this case they have unerringly matched the very best narrator to the story. Katherine Inskip is entirely believable as Miss Potter. Perhaps it’s her back ground as a scientist and a writer of stories that brings extra authenticity to the narration.

If you only listen to one piece of audio fiction this week, make it Beatrix Released.

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