Secret Fix

We took a trip over to the Garibaldi Hotel a pub featuring Craft Beer, Live Music, Mexican Food and Skate Shop. We were there to see Secret Fix  who describe themselves as a ‘Noise Pop Sextet’. 

It was our first visit to the the Garibaldi Hotel, the beer was good, although a little too chilled and at London prices. They also had Rattler, a Cornish cider, on tap as well as a wide variety of bottled beers and ciders. The landlord is making a point of booking local musicians and bands to help build up the Northampton music scene. From the board on the wall it looks like there’s a good selection of events at the pub. The food was good and the avocado salad was exceptional.

Secret Fix, although their SoundCloud page says ‘London’, are largely from around the Kettering area. The band played a relatively short (but no less intense) set, as they are settling into a new line-up. The performance was well received and drew quite a crowd. As to the genre ‘noise pop’ the best way for me to describe it is to point you to their SoundCloud page.

A great time was had by all.

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