Rosa String Works

This is YouTube Luthiers as entertainment part 2.

“The Rosa String Works Channel is primarily concerned with building, repairing, and customizing stringed musical instruments.”

This channel appears to be primarily about repairing and making stringed musical instruments, mostly guitars and mandolins.┬áHere are some of the videos I’ve been watching over the last month:

I had never seen a guitar like this before, it is fascinating to see how the Fender Resophonic works. The bridge drives a lightweight spun aluminium cone, which acts like a loudspeaker cone within the body of the instrument. I guessed why the bridge is in two parts immediately, see if you can guess why.

This video involves servicing and repairing a double neck combination 12 string and 6 string guitar, that cost $160 but was made with what would be several thousands of dollars worth of inlay work. The client also wanted pickups added so that it can be played through an amp. Is it the basket case it at first appears to be? Or is it a credible instrument? An absolutely mental guitar that can’t help but appeal.

Mental triple neck bass

It’s the acoustic guitar equivalent of Chris Squire’s Triple-neck Wal Bass.

A hundred year old Gibson L3, that looks like it has had a hard life and some slightly botched repairs, gets fixed up and has a new pick guard fabricated.

This one is an interesting balance between preserving the original instrument, meeting the clients various demands and doing a decent job. There was a lot of work here including replacing an undersized modern plastic nut with one created from deer antler. With all these Rosa String works videos the skill care and attention to detail is impressive.

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