Chiron Beta Prime

Today I bring you Jonathon Coulton’s Christmas Song from 12 years ago ‘Chiron Beta Prime’. Jonathon Coulton is the original ‘Internet’s Musician’. He has built a professional career from giving away his music under a Creative Commons license.

This year has been a little bit crazy for the Andersons

Also take visit to to hear his other work. It’s all good but I recommend you at listen to: Creepy Doll, Skullcrusher Mountain, Code Monkey, nah.. I’ve stopped listing it’s all good. Then there’s a whole Christmas album ‘One Christmas at a time’ (which doesn’t feature Chiron Beta Prime).

If you have played through Portal, then you are already familiar with Jonathon Coulton’s work as he wrote the Portal song ‘Still Alive’.

Also, if you have been duped into serving our robot overlords you can ask “Alexa! play Chiron Beta Prime”.

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