Chef Knife

Alec Steele has a Youtube Channel about black smithing. I’m not sure if this is a case of nominative determinism or the YouTube equivalent of a nom-de-plume. The image that comes to mind with the term blacksmith is Grizzly Adams style guy with a leather apron, streaming in sweat and covered in grime. Alec is more the typical motormouth high energy YouTuber. I thought it was running at 1.5 times speed, but no it was set at normal.

There is no denying the skill displayed in the creation of this chef’s knife. The first step in creating the knife is making the block of steel that the becomes the pattern showing on the blade.

There are 7 videos taking you through the process to the finished product. It is an incredible journey from a small pile if steel strips to the finished product, with some drama on the way.

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