Having succumbed to the Christmas lurgy that traditionally appears this time of year, neither of us are in an acceptable state to celebrate the new year with friends (definitely not wanting to give this particular bug to friends, it would not be good way to start a year), we are partaking in a Game of thrones marathon. The perhaps ‘soon to be no more’ HMV were offering the 7 Disk Blue-ray box set in their sale and it proved to be irresistible (as it means not having paid for Sky for 7 years, it’s a bargain).

Given the opening scenes of Game of Thrones one of my Christmas presents seemed a particularly appropriate accompaniment to this new year’s eve activity, ‘Beheaded – strong ale -‘. This is a decidedly excellent Cornish ale. Keltek Brewey‘s own description of the beer is very accurate.

Beheaded. Our strongest ale; dark and deceptive with a smooth slightly sweet first impression and none of the alcoholic twang often associated with strong beers. It’s complex indulgent flavour is legendary.

Well I wouldn’t say legendary, that must be hyperbole, as according to the label the brewery has only existed since 1997. So not quite time to be legendary … yet; but it is damn fine beer all the same.

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