Writing can be hard

Some days a blog post can just flow and take shape without effort (apart from the follow up edit for grammar and readability). Other times it will twist and turn out of my grasp. Today for instance this is the 3rd attempt. I started out trying to make a statement about my views on tracking ETFs and Funds and how, although Warren Buffet (the sage of Omaha, an investing legend) recommends them as the best way to invest for most people, they may be riding for a fall. I think that if the bull market becomes a bear market the whole tracking model may become challenged. However that post became a post about Shares versus Funds.  Then I had to fight the urge to describe the difference between Funds and ETFs, but ended up writing about the variety of investment styles funds can use and the what and why of that.

That blog post turned into a mess. It challenged my confidence in my understanding of the subject. Putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) crystallises the gaps in your knowledge and makes you confront them. I could write that post, but not today as I would need to research my facts better, and do several drafts to ensure that the ideas/facts are in a coherent order to be readable, understandable and make the intended point (rather than drifting off). That was not going to be possible in the 45 minute slot I had on my train journey today.

The attempt at writing that post has been positive though. Through my failure to write on the topic, I now know more about the gaps in my knowledge on the subject, I can see where my mind has covered over the gaps in my knowledge with unsubstantiated assumptions and I’ve got a draft post sitting there which one day may become a decent blog post if I put the work in.

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