Internet Arcade is one of the massive projects that the Internet has spawned. Its premise is to preserve our digital history. They preserve items from the web, text, audio, video, books and software. There are a number of projects such as the way-back-machine which allows you to see websites as they were at particular dates in the past.

The project that recently came to my notice is the Internet Arcade. Its remit is to preserve arcade games in a playable format. It holds a library of ROM images from early arcade machines that can be played in the browser. This is achieved by using jsmame, which is a port of the Multi Arcade machine Emulator (MAME) to a javascript run time. 

The games can be played in Chrome or Firefox, it works best with the keyboard mappings and gamepad drivers on a Windows machine and is said to operate more smoothly in Firefox. It sort of works on OSX but Safari has no sound and I had problems with key mappings. More on compatibility has been posted here at Jason Scott’s Weblog.  

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