Dead Men Run

It’s Saturday morning, which means that the latest chapter in the serialised podcast novel has arrived in the Decoder Ring Theatre podcast feed. Dead Men Run is a ‘Black Jack Justice’ noir detective novel. Today Chapter 15 arrived.

Black Jack Justice is was a podcast radio drama series in the style of old time radio private that ran on the Decoder Ring Theatre. Greg Taylor wrote two Black Jack Justice novels using the characters from the drama.

Dead Men Run is the second novel and is read, a chapter a week. Each chapter alternates the point of view between private eye Jack Justice and his partner Trixie Dixon, girl detective. Greg Taylor reads the part of Jack Justice and Andrea Lyons reads as Trixie Dixon.“I KNOW WHAT YOU DID” The writer of the mysterious letter could have been talking about any number of misdeeds, some large, some small, some frankly unsuitable for print. … But they will learn the hard way just how serious the sender was, and that in the end, only Dead Men Run.

One thing is for sure Jack is in trouble, more serious trouble than usual. Trixie has no idea what’s really happened to Jack, Jack himself seems little better informed, but the police are hunting for him for a murder he didn’t commit.

Since we are only half way, or less, through I can’t really do a review. However this is a follow up to the earlier ‘Black Jack Justice’ novel which is the origin story for the detective duo. If this novel turns out as well as that did it will be an enjoyable read(listen).

You can hear the novel from the start if you pick up the feed from the Decoder Ring Theatre site. Alternately both novels are available from Amazon in paper back or on Kindle, and Prime members can read them for free. However I’m going to keep listening weekly.

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