Code presentation in WordPress posts

I have edited my recent post on Removing unwanted pastes from Stikked. I used the <code> tags to delineate the command line interactions from the descriptive text. However I wanted the code to appear more like quoted text in a Mediawiki instance. My first  thought was to hack the css to make the code tag work how I wish, however whilst searching for help on that I discovered that the <pre> tag gave exactly the effect I required, whilst the code tag remains useful where you might wish to use a fixed width terminal style text in line with your content.

The other advantage of the 'pre' tag is that it will not force a line wrap if you have a long line of code

The only thing that I still had to do was reduce the font size for these two fixed width fonts as 13px looked a bit chunky along side the normal text.

P.S Having written this I found this comprehensive page on the WordPress site

Welcome to my new blog

I’ve called this blog In My Feed after the title of the episode I did for Hacker Public Radio. The ‘In My Feed’ episodes contain highlights and reviews of the stuff I come across in my RSS feed reader and via the podcasts I listen to, along with interesting things I find about tech stuff such as Linux, and some work related IT.

I started preparing for a second episode which entailed me writing up notes for each section of the episode, then I ended up with too much material and ran out of time to produce the podcast.So here is where I’ll be putting all that material.

I’ve previously run separate blogs one for Linux related posts and another for everything else. I had been using Blogger, then for a while I used Posterous and fed the Blogger site from it. When Posterous went away I stopped blogging. I blog faded so to speak.

After suffering from the demise of various free¬†online services (Google Notes, Google Reader, Posterous to mention just some) and the wholesale unpredictable UI changes I’m withdrawing from future use of such services in favour of running my own (more on that in future posts). Therefore this blog is running on WordPress on a hosted virtual server, which so far has been a relatively painless an inexpensive experience.

So next is to set up categories for posts. Eventually I want to tidy up the design (I quite like the look of, but as long as its reasonably presentable and readable I’ll be adding content …